R&D center

Engineering & Technical Research


For many years Genox have devoted considerable resources to the development of new innovative ideas, product development, and refinement of our core technology.


Thanks to close communication between our engineering and technical staff, and strong support from our European engineering partners accompanied by valuable feedback from our worldwide customer base, Genox's equipment, technology and reputation has been developed considerably more recently.


Our core technology covers the following equipment ranges:


-     Shredding Systems

      Single Shaft Shredders

      Twin Shaft Shredders    

      Vertical Shredders (Densifiers)


-     Granulation Systems

      Knife Blade (High Efficiency Granulators)

      Block Blade Granulators

      Heavy Duty Raspers

      Hammer Mills


-     Washing and Drying Systems

      Friction Washers

      Centrifugal Dryers (Horizontal & Vertical)

      Washing Tanks (including chemical cleaning processes)

      Dewatering Screw Presses

      Thermal Drying Equipment

      Label Separation Equipment


-     Separation and Classification

      Magnetic Separation Equipment

      Eddy Current Separators

      Sieves & Screens

      Air Classifiers (Zig-Zag Separators, Air Tables etc.)

      Density Separators


-     Control & Automation

PLC Control and Equipment Integration

Plant Efficiency Monitoring

Automated Systems           


Genox apply a broad range of technology to a variety of demanding applications including plastics processing, E-waste (WEEE) and metals recovery, and tire recycling.  Other areas of interest include biomass, household & industrial waste (RDF & SRF) and textiles recycling.


Besides the standard range of Genox plants and equipment we also conduct in-depth research and development of bespoke recycling systems to suit customer's individual requirements and demands.


We welcome your valued enquiry.