Shredders& Granulators

Gran-Calibur Series Granulators

Gran-Calibur (GC Series) Granulators are high speed granulation machines designed especially for the efficient size reduction of various materials in a single pass.   These machines are ideal for processing a multitude of materials including plastics, rubber, copper cable and organics amongst others. 

Standard Features

  ·  Compact design minimizes on-site space requirements
   ·  Inclined, split cutting chamber design
  ·  Oversized, outboard spherical rotor bearings – prevents bearing damage due to product migration
  ·  Precision machined rotors (Forward set V-Rotor as standard)
  ·  Replaceable wear plates at either end of the rotor shaft
  ·  Standard machines are prepared for air extraction
  ·  Stand Alone Electrical Control Panel - using quality Schneider (Telemecanique) components and Siemens PLC's 
  ·  Tested, Approved and Certified to the applicable CE safety standards

GC Series Rotor Configurations


The standard open V-Rotor is suitable for most types of material.  The double shear, V configuration of the forward set blades creates a highly efficient double scissor cut.


The C-Rotor is a heavy duty, high inertia, semi-closed design which creates a cascade cutting effect intended for processing hard or thick materials and also profiles.


The S-Rotor is intended for lighter duty applications. The greater shear angle and single shear design results in better performance when processing flexible materials such as plastic film.


A rear set V-rotor design with the blade mounted behind the support is also available for certain, lighter duty applications or granulation of pre-shredded materials.

For technical data or more information please download GC Series Brochure