Service & spare parts

Service, Spares & Technical Support

Genox's dedicated service team are available when required to provide customers with a comprehensive support service including installation, commissioning, operator training, fault diagnosis, repairs and routine maintenance.

In order to ensure that our equipment is performing to it's full potential in a safe manner, we are pleased to offer our factory trained, highly skilled technicians who are capable of installing, commissioning and training customers personnel how best to operate and maintain their plant. Alternatively, customers are welcome to visit or send their operators & maintenance personnel to Genox's modern manufacturing facility in Guangzhou, where they can see parts in manufacture, machinery being assembled, and receive thorough training relating to relevant equipment.  Our multilingual support team and network of partner companies can accommodate enquiries from around the world.  It is Genox's preference that equipment be installed by either Genox technicians or their authorised distributors and partner companies.  This way we can ensure that the equipment arrives on site in the approved condition and that it is set-up and commissioned correctly to suit site conditions.  The use of Genox personnel for this purpose often results in quicker equipment installation, reduced risk of teething problems and lower installation costs.  It also allows us to understand the details of the installation and provides the customer with a single point of contact within the Genox organization.  Our involvement in the installation and commissioning process makes it easier to identify and help rectify any problems at a later date should they arise.

The key to our service is a quick, positive reaction to maintenance requests, and thorough technical support staff who provide useful, friendly advice to customer queries. Our collective team of experienced service technicians sited at various locations around the world, are available for customer visits, providing effective solutions on site.

To minimize the risk of lengthy spare parts delivery periods and resulting costly equipment downtime, Genox and our established network of partners/distributors worldwide hold large quantities of spare parts including blades, screens, belts, electrical parts and other critical spares.  Where possible Genox uses readily available, standard specification parts (such as bearings, belts, motors, gearboxes, bolts etc.) in the manufacture of our equipment.  This feature guarantees long term parts availability throughout the life cycle of the equipment, regardless of location. 

We encourage our customers to hold supplies of basic back-up and consumable spares on site with their equipment. Holding spares on site maximizes plant up time and thus increases the efficiency your Genox equipment.