Recycling Plants

PE Film Washing Plants

Our PE Film Washing Plants are high throughput, high performance recycling systems designed especially for PE films from various sources, including materials with high contamination levels. We provide effective, customized proposals and cost-effective solutions by listening to and understanding our customers' needs. These modular plants are suitable for very dirty post-consumer or agricultural films with up to 70% contamination. 

A typical PE Film Washing Plant – designed specifically for recycling of high contamination films into a high purity, low moisture product would include the following components:

• Infeed Belt Conveyor – presents an even feed of material to the plant
• Pre-shredder – wet shredding for size reduction and washing
• Screw Washer 1 – washing and material transportation
• Pre-washer – removal of some sands and other dirt
• Screw Washer 2 – washing and material transportation
• Sink-Float Separation Tank 1 – removal of some contamination and helps wash the material
• Granulator – wet granulation for size reduction and washing 
• Screw Washer 3– washing and material transportation
• Horizontal Friction Washer 1 – high speed washing/scrubbing of material
• Sink-Float Separation Tank 2 – removal of some contamination and helps wash the material
• Horizontal Friction Washer 2 – high speed washing
• Centrifugal Dryer – mechanical dewatering of the product
• Thermal Drying System – hot air drying of the product 
• Big-Bag Station 
• Control panel

A typical PE Film Washing Plant would be configured as shown below.

The correct combination and sizing of the above listed equipment will provide a reliable, efficient PE film recycling system that will produce a high quality product ideal for sale, or alternatively can be converted using agglomerating or pelletizing equipment. 


Prior to delivery from our facility, all plastic washing plants are set up and tested under "real world" conditions to ensure the plant capacity and quality of the finished product are guaranteed. Customers are welcomed and encouraged to attend these trials to see their plant in operation, receive training on the operation and maintenance of their system, and to see similar equipment in build.