Recycling Plants

Printer & Toner Cartridge Recycling Plants

Our printer and toner cartridge recycling plants are high performance, heavy duty systems designed for processing printers and toner cartridges. These systems are ideal for producing high purity metal fractions and for separation of plastics. The advanced aspiration system designed specifically for this application eliminates dust creation which is the most important aspect of printer and toner cartridge recycling. Wet processing systems are available for certain applications.

A typical printer and toner cartridge recycling plant would include the following components:

• Infeed Conveyor Belt or Hydraulic Loading Bin – easy and even feeding of the printers and copiers to the system
• Twin Shaft Primary Shredder with rotary screen – shears the printers into smaller pieces 
• Vibratory Screen – separation of heavies such as toner cartridge rods
• Conveyor Belt – transports the shredded pieces
• Overbelt Magnet – separation of ferrous metals
• Eddy Current Separator – separation of non-ferrous metals
• Density Separator – separation of stainless steel
• Rasper – size reduction of plastics and remaining small metal pieces
• Air-table – separation of metals from plastics
• Central De-dusting Unit – removes dust and fines from the system and filters the air before returning it to atmosphere
• Control Panel

A typical printer and toner cartridge recycling plant would be configured as shown below.

The correct combination and sizing of the above listed equipment will provide a reliable, efficient printer and toner cartridge recycling system that will produce a high quality products ideal for sale, or for use in further processing equipment. 


Prior to delivery from our facility, all our printer and toner cartridge recycling plants are set up and tested under "real world" conditions to ensure the plant capacity and quality of the finished products is guaranteed. Customers are welcomed and encouraged to attend these trials to see their plant in operation, receive training on the operation and maintenance of their system, and to see similar equipment in build.