Recycling Plants

Combined Cable Recycling Systems

Genox have designed a series of combined cable recycling systems especially for smaller volume processors. These systems, which require a lower initial investment are usually used for processing of household type copper cables, though it is also possible to proccess alunimum cables if required. The addition of a pre-shredder, overbelt magnet and feed conveyor is possible at anytime to create a system that is capable of recycling bulk fed materials and steel armoured industrial type cables.

 A Combined Cable Recycling System would typically include the following components:

 • Cable Granulator – size reduces the cables in a single pass and liberates copper or aluminum from plastics, allowing it to be separated
 • Screw Conveyor – transport the granulated material between equipment
 • Air Separation Table – separates the plastics from copper or alunimum according to density
 • Central De-dusting Unit – removes dust and fines from the system and filters the air before returning it to atmosphere
 • Control Panel

A Cable Recycling Plant including optional pre-shredder, overbelt magnet,  feed conveyor and combined cable recycling system would be configured as shown below:

The correct combination and sizing of the above listed equipment will provide a reliable, efficient tire recycling system that will produce a high quality copper or aluminum granulate ideal for sale, or for use in further processing equipment.


Prior to delivery from our facility, all our tire recycling plants are set up and tested under "real world" conditions to ensure the plant capacity and quality of the finished products are guaranteed. Customers are welcomed and encouraged to attend these trials to see their plant in operation, receive training on the operation and maintenance of their system, and to see similar equipment in build.